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The only thing that we have learned from history
is that we learn nothing from history.
In order to strike out in a benevolent new destiny
we need an open and truthful society
and the courage by which we can face our iniquity
the alternative being that we eventually
become our own demons. There is no other way.

©96 by

When money and power are treated specially
and when crime and violence threaten liberty
bringing us looming clouds of legal reformity
let us never forget our nation's true destiny
for if we forfeit access to justice and equality
what will be left to us but a legacy of tyranny.

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The Palestinization of America by
Vote for leaders that OK executing US citizens anywhere, for any reason, without due process, & then convict the corpse of the crime of being crazy. If a drone is used we get a false & bizaar cover story. If anyone asks what the Constitution says about it they are deemed "crazy" (SEE: ). Chief federal trial judge, John Roll, MKULTRA'd by Obama’s extrajudicial death warrants (SEE: ). Roll was EXECUTED 1/8/11, outside a Safeway market in Casas Adobes, Az, by MKULTRA-Loughner at an event held by Representative Gabrielle Giffords ).
ACCORDING TO THE 1975 SENATOR CHURCH COMMITTEE REPORT ON CIA/MKULTRA. Over 50 U.S. Journalists were CIA assets. Watergate investigative reporter Carl Bernstein ciaimed it was 400+. The investigation was cut short by CIA directors, Colby & Bush. Times & CBS regularly submit copy to CIA for approval. Who sits on the media boards? "SPOOKS!" (SEE: ). It's a systematic, spectacular, trauma-based, mass mind control pioneered by Mengele & 1000's of other NAZIs smuggled into the americas by Kissinger's 'OPERATION PAPERCLIP' & the Jesuits that forged operations in Argentina & now US (SEE: ). Lunatics & fools (SEE: )
The DC police public execution of unarmed mother with 13 mo toddler-in-tow... real-or-not... is a fascinating study of MKULTRA TRAUMA-BASED MIND CONTROL that is entirely off limits.
UNPRECIDENTED! Congress applauds the rioting DC cop-mob execution of a 34-year-old dental hygienist, Miriam Carey, of Stamford, Conn. traveling w/ 13-month toddler (SEE: ) . She was shot so many times that it took longer than usual to identify her. From 2 p.m. on, October 3, 2013, The "media elite" lied nonstop about a "shootout" & "car chase" at the Capitol. Cameras focused on a scramble of D.C. Metro & Capitol Hill cops, & federales without showing a police car ramming a barracade at top speed which caused their injuries (SEE: ). Ultimately Carey's car came to a stop & cops emptied their guns into Carey upon extraction of toddler. The media, quoting the police, stated that the incident was "isolated".¯ D.C. Police Chief, Cathy Lanier, said that people should not "rush to judgment". It was a rioting police mob that "rushed to judgment" by executing a harmless woman. But is it really an "isolated" incident or an amazing social engineering coup?
It doesn't make any sense. Says Miriam's sister as she points out discrepancies: All I can see, when I look at videos, is my sister's frightened & trying to get out of there. She's confused. She doesn't know which way to go. I can't imagine what she was thinking as she's trying to get away from the shower of bullets."¯ (SEE: ). Why did DC cops kill Mariam Carey? Why did police not notify 'next of kin'? Valerie found out about her sister from a reporter's phone call. Why was the Carey family not allowed see Miriam's body but were just shown a photo? Why was The Carey family not given an autopsy, or incident report? Why did the police try to intimidate Carey family attorney? Why is Miriam being portrayed as crazy when there is no evidence? How did Miriam Carey end up at the Capitol? Why are Sharpton, Rangel & Jackson silent about Miriam's mob execution?
Considering the above congressional conduct... Will more police training help? Obviously they're getting plenty target practice. Let's give cops cameras so we can satisfy our morbid curiosity. How about a TV series? We can call it 'MOB SQUAD' .
Ask yourself this, "Is there a bullet with your name on it?" & "Is a moving target is harder to hit?"
Notice how media is running a race-baiting campaign. THIS IS A CLASSIC MKULTRA.