ARABIAN QUICKSAND         Copyrghy 1997 by Jos Morales
(To the tune of When Johnny Comes Marching Home)

I dreamed that I was with my son militaire
when we noticed a distant Arabian mare
moving back and forth in phantom fare
(appearing and disappearing into thin air)
as if trying to lure and entice us there.

It was at the mare that my son went to stare
while I went to explore something elsewhere.
Then I also went to that place of the mare
but didn't find my son upon arriving there
but only a hand in the sand clutching at air.

I fetched him, hand in hand, out of there
saying, "That's quicksand! Aren't you aware?"
My son was shocked... It was quite a scare!
"I thought it was..." Pausing to take some air,
"Whatever The Market Will Bear".

You may think I'm crazy but I don't care
for there is a message... an allegory here.
This is not about reason, or what is fair,
or about you, and that you don't care,
or whatever the people and market will bear.

Please allow me to make something more clear.
It's about Arabian quicksand. Wake up! Beware!
Lest our sons come home with bones bleached bare
and our economy and freedom falter in disrepair.
For the more we struggle the greater the snare.

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