NLF is going to win
Copyright 1997 by Jos Morales 

 "Ho! Ho! Ho Chi Minh.
NLF is going to win."
Was the cry in the streets of Washington
during Nixon's last Presidential Inauguration
in protest of our Viet Nam Police Action.
Millions of protesters from all our nation
filled Washington's streets to saturation
while cops, on rooftops, took their position
readying their machine guns in anticipation.

 "Ho! Ho! Ho Chi Minh.
NLF is going to win."
I cried from a safe, elevated, grassy location
as two uniformed cops approached my position.
"What is NLF?" One asked me for clarification
as the other cop assessed all the commotion.
"National Football League." I said sans hesitation.
He left shaking his head in disgusted agitation
saying, "These kids have no comprehension".

 "Ho! Ho! Ho Chi Minh.
NLF is going to win."
We joined the Inauguration Parade procession.
Then the police intervened in great profusion
to put an end to our massive parade intrusion
forming a blue wall of machine gunned opposition
forcing us back onto the sidewalks in mass unison.
Pig faces were strained as if attempting defecation
and pig eyes were devoid of all human recognition.

 "Ho! Ho! Ho Chi Minh.
NLF is going to win."
We cried as a protestor breached the pig formation
and kicked over a pig motor cycle in provocation
(Being faced off with a pig... It gave me apprehension.)
and the crowd surged forcing me against his position.
He held his machine gun against me in deadly erection
as I studied the pig's eyes that had Death's expression.
The mob jammed me against it with mindless intention.

 "Ho! Ho! Ho Chi Minh.
NLF is going to win."
They cried as I looked around in all direction.
I studied their faces as things went into slow motion
(It would be the last I'd see in this fatal progression).
I noticed a woman and child caught in the procession
(The site of them caused me to see our transgression)
My heart began to break. I can't allow their destruction!
But I could still see in the cop's eyes Deadly Intention.

 "Whoa! Whoa! There's a woman and child here!
We're killing people in Viet Nam
and now we are going to kill here.
Where will the killing end?"
I shouted so that all could hear my urgent question.
My words hung in the air as I saw the cop's eyes soften
and he looked back at me as if in recognition.
As if angel attended... The crowd released it's tension.
Looking around I could see The crowd go into dispersion.

 So! So! Ho Chi Minh
and his NLF finally won
and the Vietnamese won their right to self determination.
But because President Nixon brought peace to our nation
he brought upon himself the ire of some dark machination
that set him up, surveilled, and brought him defamation.
But I learned that words can kill, or prevent devastation,
and can even put an end to a Presidential Administration.
But that is I why I went... To bring peace to our nation.