By Ex Navy Medic, joemorales13820 AT, AAS, BS,
We like to think we are smart but we can't even figure out how bacteria makes petroleum so we end up with pipeline wars which will end up in a "nuclear solution".
2.5 years after Surveyor 3 landed on the moon astronauts recovered the on board camera where live bacteria was found. Biologists activated bacterial spores from bees preserved in amber over 25 million years ago.
A giant forest floor ant (Camponotus gigas) ingests a type of Cordyceps fungus that compels it to uncharacteristically climb to the top of a forest tree. By the time the ant reaches the tree's canopy the fungus has spread throughout the ant's body and breaches it's abdomen where the fungal spores fall to the forest floor where another ant repeats the cycle.
An outbreak of smallpox (imported by the Spaniards) killed many Aztecs so they could not pursue the defeated Spaniards so they could regroup and conquer Mexico City. Aztec culture and religion capitulated to Spain and Catholicism because there could be no doubt which side enjoyed divine favor.
Viruses compel us to load up on protein so they can encapsulate themselves in proximity of the central nervous system so they can jump into action when we are under stress such as the case with Shingles/Herpes.
Candida, and other parasites, compel us to load up on junk foods. Most diets fail because this issue is never addressed.
The 60's social revolution was largely influenced by Army Psychologist, Timothy Leary, who experimented with derivatives of the ergot fungus (LSD) and became it's High Priest.
The success of Jews, and Moslems, is largely due to their religious prophylaxis/aversion to pigs which share the highest number of diseases with humans.
The Genesis 3 reptilian NAGA pharma elite are mass murdering scientists to hide gcmaf and bacteria's role in keeping us smarter, and healthier. There is hard evidence linking conditions such as autism and depression to gut microbes. In biological terms, a dirty mind is often smarter (This is conditioned upon nagalase/anthrax chemtrails).
Our Strength Is DIVERSITY. A diverse diet gives us a diverse microbiome that makes us smarter and healthier.
Mind controlling parasites are sophisticated, tenacious, prolific, and can adapt to their environment with amazing ease (as in the case of the Bush Cabal). Once these parasites take control they can shut down defense/immune systems, and cause fear's impotency. A week before 9/11/01 WTC attack, a Pulitzer prize winning, Judith Miller, and two NY Times colleagues broke a front page story revealing that the U.S. had been weaponizing anthrax. The anthrax was released a week after 9/11 (The Bush Cabal took Cipro antibiotic just before). Government contractor has connections to both 9/11 thermite and the anthrax attacks.
The CDC is really a private 'Corporation for Disease Confluence' enforcement arm of 'Big Pharma' and is one of the first companies to be publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The CDC has advanced health policy legislation that dramatically suspends civil rights in case of a declared biological urgency."
An Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory, and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses are Linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK Assassination and (Emerging Global Epidemic.