Obama has US secretly at war with at least 75 nations which qualifies as an astronomically expensive WW3. Layered in is a current propaganda war against defenseless US citizens in regard to the percentage of income tax & resources is expended for Medicare, Medicaid, & Social Security versus blatant mass murder, war crimes, & government deceptions (See: , , & ). Yet corporations and banks benefit by government subsidy and bailout blatant welfare. “There’s class warfare, all right,” Multibillionair Warren Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” (See: ).

The US Defense Budget is almost half of the entire world. The other half includes NATO (Nazi Axis Toward Oblivion) , Russia, China and so on. This does not include the massive hidden expenditures like the remotely controlled Predator Drones operated by paramilitary contractors that ARE filling American skies and that have already been used in the arrest of American farmers (See: ). Yet The House repeatedly cannot agree on a budget but interestingly they unanimously agree on passing laws like HR 1540 that gives nonmilitary agencies and corporations a license to kill US citizens or detain them indefinitely.

If you knew the costs of AMERICA'S SECRET WARS ( See:

, ,

& ) the costs wouldn't be hidden would they? What about the hidden costs and suffering caused by drugs flooding our cities under the pretext of these wars? California spends more on prisons than it does on colleges and universities. - (NY TIMES 6/2/96, p. 16E). Former defense contractors are now getting into the lucrative incarceration business. (NY TIMES 8/23/96, p. B1). Almost 3/4 of new admissions to prisons are now black or hispanic. If present trends continue an absolute majority of African American males between the ages of 18 and 40 will be in prison or in detention camps. (NY TIMES 8/10/95, p. A14). The US incarcerates more of it's citizens than any other country (See: ).

Secret wars indeed. What about the incalculable costs of our armies of disabled veterans condemned to prisons of broken bodies? What about the environmental impact of wars (See: & )?

Contrary to UberNazi propaganda... Most of our income tax is spent for war. Now consider how much time Americans spend in front of digital media watching vampire, murder shows and violent video games. 8 hours work. 8 hours sleep. 8 hours in front of digital media. That leaves maybe the weekends for tasks and fellowship. I'm not going to include what percentages of some purchases go to war crimes. EAT FACE! Who says Americans ain't got religion?

I just finished 'HOODWINKED' a book written by John Perkins ( ). He calls himself an ex "ECONOMIC HIT MAN" that worked for companies that are contracted to destroy this planet. He exposes the hidden investments that tax exempt American corporations use to destroy democratically elected leaders, entire countries, and lay waste entire ecosystems while indenturing entire populations to a short, miserable life of slavery by lobbying and leveraging the political representatives that are supposed to be working for you. Perkins says the world is waking up and many countries are trying to roll back US hegemony. Foreign nationals everywhere are demanding an end to US presence. That means that there is only one place the MULTINATIONAL corporate BANKSTER predators can go to continue their plundering & terrorism... HERE! That's right. There is no other people on the planet willing to go on with such scams.

SHAME ON YOU.... WARS ON YOU! You did it to yourselves. That's why this madness can't end. The madness is inside you. Bush/Romney/Obama Cares are blatant insurance/pharmaceutical bailouts to the same companies

that served the 3d Reich. The centralization and subsequent sales to the highest bidders for your medical data is another hidden cost that you will pay for wars against you and the rest of humanity under the pretext of the WAR ON TERROR... Every time you fly you get irradiated by tax funded equipment and guards under the pretext of the WAR ON TERROR... Everything you text, or say, on the telephone or computer is being monitored filtered for anything that can be used against you or sold to the highest bidder.