Governor Ventura breaks American Conspiracies into 14 chapters. I agree with all of them but will leave you to check 1, 4, 7, 9, 11 for yourselves. For my purposes I have processed Ventura's book into 3 main prongs: Drugs, Mind Control, and Wall Street's End Game with some supplemental links. Ventura is an... To begin with... Governor Ventura does not mention the greatest American conspiracy that actually changed the world. Over 200 years ago a handful of men met at a Philadelphia pub (without even telling their wives) where they contrived a secret plan under the smug and complacent anglophylic noses of the Eastern Establishment. A CONSPIRACY to overthrow England's rule of the American colonies. Evidently onspiracies are how things (sometimes good) actually get done. Another very real two-fold conspiracy that threatens the existence of this nation is happening before your sleepy eyes and is turning the world to darkness. One is your silence and the other is your attempt to silence others who insist on the Truth by labeling it as "Conspiracy Theory".

Ventura states that he wrote American Conspiracies because the corporate government "media systematically ignores any conspiracy". But does the corporate government media really "ignore" conspiracies? No! Their policy is to lie, omit, stonewall, subvert, redact, delete, revise reporter findings, fire and discredit reporters, or initiate international hunts against independent media that may expose government conspiracy & hack in on the privacy of tragedy victims worldwide linking up with top level government security infrastructure. Now does that sound like "ignoring"? Obama & Holder are expected to block, or whitewash, any investigation into Rupert (the Morlock) Murdoch Newscorp hacking 911 victims in spite of representatives from both parties and houses demanding it (See ). Government Media Newscorp Director Viet Dhin was the chief architect of the Patriot act. The media does not ignore conspiracies, Mr. Ventura. The media is very much a part of major conspiracies that participates in, feeds on, and covers-up major human tragedies and disasters while cynically and morbidly exploiting them in any way that may suite them. Not only does government media kill stories it kills reporters whistleblowers (See ) using law enforcement. Murdoch's News of The World is just the tip of the ice burg. According to Ventura, CBS, Time/Life, NY Times, Herald Tribune, & Miami News are key CIA organs. The CIA has an entire division of over 400 key journalists providing a full range of clandestine services (One editor actually admitted to me about media participating in  a planned biological genocide where most media will be involved in the cover up. - jm).

Ventura was very careful not to mention who the major media players past efforts to avoid coverage of the extermination of millions of "Jews".  Zionist owned media, like The NY Times  reported "Jew" extermination in A small blurb on p. 11 surrounded by ads for Thanksgiving Turkeys (I guess it made these vampires hungry). Zionist media essentially buried the stories of Nazi terror. The total number of  all corporate-government-Zionist editorials was 3/yr.  "IT WAS POSSIBLE TO SAVE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF HOLOCAUST JEWS... Zionist leaders prevented it!" - Rabbi Ehrenreich (Find out why. See ). "ONE CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS". The "Birther" obfuscation was a contrived effort to distract from the real issue: How many of the Zionists running this country, for at least fifty years, hold dual citizenship?

American Conspiracies: My take

The world has been awash in a sea of blood around the drug of religion. You will see that the fallacious "War on Drugs" is not much more than a religion for fools and madmen. I have provided many essential supportive external references and links. You come to appreciate how religion, drugs, and mind control become so closely woven in an insidious trinity. Love 2 all. - jm

The Hashishim (Assassins) were founded in Persia by Hasan i Sabbah a follower of the ax toting, idol smashing, Ismail. Hasan trained a school of hashish trance induced brainwashed assassins. The Hashishim and Knights Templar often traded contract "hits" with each other which is a tradition still maintained by their modern counterparts. The Templar/Masons are considered to be a crucial link in the transmission of ancient secrets from the Ismaeli Hashishim (assassins). - (See

'Black Market Bones' by RA Kris Millegan from October 2000 High Times

Some of America's oldest family fortunes were made in the Chinese opium trade (becoming part of the Eastern Establishment. You're going to recognize a lot of names. -jm).

"The finest and fastest vessels of their size to be found in any sea, built by the best naval architects in England, Scotland and America. No cost is spared in their equipment, their crews large for rapid evolution, and their captains are the most skilled and dashing sailors to be found." So wrote missionary John Johnstone in the 1850s as he traveled by opium clipper to his station along the China coast.

You see, by the mid-1830s the trade in opium was the largest commodity market on the planet. And as Carl A. Trocki's excellent book 'Opium, Empire and the Global Economy' (1999) points out: "The control in trade in such drugs results in monopoly which not only centralizes the drug traffic, but also restructures the social and economic terrain in the process. Two major effects are the creation of mass markets and the generation of enormous ... unprecedented, cash flows. [Which] results in the concentrated accumulation of vast pools of wealth. [Which] have been among the primary foundations of global capitalism and the modern nation state itself. Indeed, it may be argued that the entire rise of the West depended on drug trade.

"Drug trade destabilized existing societies not merely because they destroyed individual human beings but also, and perhaps more importantly [they] undercut the existing political economy of any state. They have created new forms of capital; and they have redistributed wealth in radically new ways. (Criminals with more money than government become government. -jm). Opium created pools of capital and fed the institutions that accumulated it: the banking and financial systems, the insurance systems and the transportation and information infrastructures."

"One might say, "Who controls opium... Controls "
When we sold the Heathen nations rum and opium in rolls,
And the Missionaries went along to save their sinful souls."
          The Old Clipper Days -Julian S. Cutler

US Smuggler Robert B. FORBES lost his first opium fortune in the "Panic of 1837," and returned to China for more. He had built a house, (now a museum) in Milton, Massachusetts (not far from where former President George Bush was born). Forbes had a special ship built: 
the "Lintin," a "storeship" named after an anchorage where he spent many years warehousing and selling opium to Russell & Co. Chinese customers. Forbes would tell Chinese officials and others that he didn't deal in opium. But he was actually engaging in word games, and/or "transferring" the opium trade to front companies.

Russell & Co. was started in 1824, by Samuel Russell of Middletown, Connecticut ( Not Watchtower's Charles Taze Russell (1852 1916). In 1828 it "absorbed" the T.H. Perkins opium concern of Boston, and became America's dominant force in China. Russell & Co. was very much a family affair, with uncles, cousins, brothers, fathers and sons dominating the firm and its allied banks and fronts. Russell & Co. was the largest American opium smuggler, and the third largest in the world, behind the British Dent firm and the largest smuggler of all, the Scottish merchants Jardine-Matheson. For many years Russell & Co and Jardine-Matheson worked together and were known as the "Combination." They virtually controlled the trade, manipulating market forces towards maximizing profits. The Russell family was steeped in Yale College history. The Rev. Nodiah Russell was a Yale founder. And in 1832, Gen. William Huntington Russell,
Samuel Russell's cousin, founded one of the US' most famous secret societies: The Order of Skull and Bones, along with Alphonso Taft. Taft's son, future President William Howard Taft (S&B 1878), would play many roles in the creation of so called international narcotics controls and the US Drug War.

The Opium Wars
"I had not come to China for health or pleasure, and that I should remain at my post as long as I could sell a yard of cloth or buy a pound of tea." -R.B. Forbes to Capt. C. Elliot, British Superintendent of Trade, in refusing to leave Canton during the first Opium War.

Chinese High Commissioner Lin Tse-hsu came to Canton in 1839 with an order to "investigate the port affairs." Lin couldn't believe that opium was legal in Britain, and wrote a letter to Queen Victoria to implore her aid in stopping the trade. He disrupted the local merchants and published new edicts against the use and importation of the drug. Lin demanded that all chests of opium be forfeited as contraband, and all trading houses sign a bond, pledge to smuggle no more and become liable to Chinese law, which included the death penalty. Through threats, a servant walkout, giant gongs that were rung all night and other measures, he was able to collect over 20,000 chests of opium (about half of that year's Indian trade). Then under orders from the emperor, he destroyed it all.

This sparked the first Opium War, making huge profits for those companies that had held on to chests, and left Russell & Company the only trading firm left open in Canton. During that first Opium War, the chief of operations for Russell & Co. in Canton was Warren Delano, Jr., grandfather of Franklin Roosevelt. He was also the US vice-consul.

Serious Business
"If the trade is ever legalized, it will cease to be profitable from that time. The more difficulties that attend it, the better for you and us."
-Directors of Jardine-Matheson

The profits were huge and many fortunes were made. Warren Delano went home with one, lost it and went back to China to get more. Russell & Co. partners included John Cleve Green, a banker and railroad investor who made large donations to and was a trustee for Princeton; A. Abiel Low, a shipbuilder, merchant and railroad owner who backed Columbia University; and merchants. Augustine Heard and Joseph Coolidge. Coolidge's son organized the United Fruit Company, and his grandson, Archibald C. Coolidge, was a cofounder of the Council on Foreign Relations. Partner John M. Forbes "dominated the management" of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincey railroad, with Charles Perkins as president. Other partners and captains included Joseph Taylor Gilman, William Henry King, John Alsop Griswold, Captain Lovett and Captain J. Prescott. Captain Prescott called on F.T. Bush, Esq., his friend and agent in Hong Kong, frequently (Bushes, CFR... Drug barons, all).

Russell & Co. families, relations and friends are well represented in the Order of Skull and Bones.In 1856, Daniel C. Gilman (S&B 1852), a Russell & Co. partner relation, incorporated the Order of Skull & Bones as the Russell Trust Association, with General W.H. Russell as its president. After the first Opium War, the port of Shanghai was opened up, with Russell & Co. as one of it first foreign merchants. In 1841, Russell brought the first steam ship to Chinese waters and continued to develop transportation routes as long as opium made them profitable. Russell partners were also involved in early railroad ventures in China, together with US railroad magnate E.H. Harriman, whose sons later became very active in Skull and Bones. Once opium was legalized, in China in 1858 Chinese and Indian merchants started to take over the trade. Russell and others, with their limited role as smugglers, hadn't developed any structure to sell opium in inner China. The Chinese brokers could now just order opium just like any commodity, and the trade was transferred to firms with strong ties at the producing base, India, and the consuming giant, China. Ironically, the scions of these 19th-century opium fortunes would go on to play key roles in the financing of the Nazis and in in the so called Drug Wars of the 20th century: both involving the enactments of drug prohibition and in the clandestine arrangements between smugglers and government spies.

The Modern World: Prohibition, Smugglers and Spies

In 1898, the false-flag (like 9/11) sinking of American battleship, Maine initiated the Spanish-American War signaling  the United State's debut as a global imperial power. American troops invaded Manila, and three years later, after a brutal guerrilla war, the Philippines became a colony of the US. President Theodore Roosevelt appointed Bonesman William Howard Taft to serve as the first civil governor of the islands. (Patriarch Bonesman Henry Stimson (S&B 1888) plus some Russell & Co. relations, later held that post.) Taft stayed on in the Philippines until 1904, even turning down a much-desired appointment to the US Supreme Court. In 1903 the Philippines became the first modern nation in Asia to declare opium illegal. Soon there was a black market, and smuggling again began developing into a major force. Taft succeeded Roosevelt as President in 1909, and actively promoted federal legislation and international conventions to outlaw & "control" certain drugs. These international treaties helped to break down judicial reluctance, & brought claims of the extraconstitutional force of international treaty obligations into the enabling of US drug laws - thus creating a profitable prohibition. And entangled in many of the recent nexuses of smugglers and spies is George H.W. Bush (S&B 1948), one of scores of men from old-money families who wound up playing a prominent role in the covert-action realms of US foreign policy.

Is the "official" prohibition one of collusion for political control, social engineering and the huge profits derived from illicit goods? Is all the heroin on the street there just because there is a market full of desirous buyers? Or is a "secret government" using intelligence and military operatives in a massive drugging of our nation? Who runs it and where does the money go? Is it government sanctioned," under some twisted "national security" mantle? (Duh.) Spooks, smugglers, and secrets seem to converge in a nether world rapidly being exposed by researchers fueled by the Internet's capabilities of networking, discussion and informational exchange. Former federal prosecutors, journalists, authors, professors, researchers and others tracing the drug trade from many different directions all seem to end up with certain groups of high level operatives being involved with this illicit trade in both drugs and arms. And many leads seem to point to George H.W. Bush and friends as the "elite deviants" involved in these schemes. "Many of the scandals that have occurred in the US since 1963 [and] are fundamentally interrelated," sociologist David Simon wrote in Elite Deviance. "That is, the same people and institutions have been involved." (Even in the control of elections. -jm) "The Money from the drugs produced the money for the guns, and that is how the operation worked, and Bush knew the whole goddamn thing."  -CIA operative Trenton Parker, in Rodney Stitch's Defrauding America

The mainstream media ignores it all, even the most recent startling revelations in the CIA's own Volume II of [TK] hearings, which in no uncertain terms lay out involvement in drug smuggling by US intelligence operatives in Central America, especially Lt. Col. Oliver North and other folks with strong contacts with George H.W. "Poppy" Bush who has kept alive the tradition of fast boats and smugglers. There was his friend Don Arnow, the "cigarette boat" builder/mob smuggler who was shot and died slumped over his steering wheel. As did another intelligence connected drug smuggler, Barry Seal, who died with Bush's private phone number in his wallet.

Heroin is at an all time high in purity, and at bargain basement prices in a black market with younger and younger customers. It has gone from costing $300 a gram and being scarce in the 1960s to being everywhere and costing just $100 a gram in 2000, while marijuana has gone from $10 to $300 an ounce and has gotten somewhat harder to get. Is this by chance?

American Conspiracies: Some of The Chapters

Chapt. 10 traces the history of how CIA funded 
operations over the years with drug money.
President Hamid Karzai's own brother is getting regular CIA 
payments while being simultaneously involved in the heroin trade. 
Meantime, according to reports by Congress and the Treasury 
Department, American banks are "collectively the world's 
largest financial beneficiary of  the drug trade" -- with an 
estimated inflow of about $250 billion a year! The hypocrisy 
is staggering when you consider that the Obama administration's 
"drug war" budget has about twice as much money going into the 
criminal justice system than to treatment & prevention. This is 
despite President Obama having said many times that drug use 
needs to be looked at as a health issue. Obama nominated a 
holdover from the Bush years, Michele Leonhart, to head up 
the Drug Enforcement Administration. She has a history of 
cracking down on medical marijuana dispensaries, and most 
recently denying the research application of a University of 
Massachusetts botanist.

"After a hundred years of growing government drug intervention, 
with thousands of laws & regulations, we have a huge drug problem. 
Before the authoritarians decided to reform the drug culture, they 
amended the Constitution to enact alcohol prohibition. Prohibition 
failed but crime mushroomed. After 14 years, the American people 
demanded repeal of the amendment and got it. In spite of the obvious 
failure of alcohol prohibition the Fed turned its sights on drug use.
Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent, and not only is there 
no evidence of reduced drug use, instead we see a tremendous increase, & our prisons are overflowing. Many prisoners are non-violent and should be treated as addicts, not as criminals. Irrational mandatory minimal sentences have caused a great deal of harm. We have non-violent drug offenders doing life sentences leaving little room for rapists & murderers ( or pols & bankers?) . When we finally decide that drug prohibition has been no more successful than alcohol prohibition, the drug dealers will disappear. In 2000 it cost more than $40 billion to run our prison system with a population, nearing 2 million, up 70% from the prior decade. Two thirds of the inmates did not commit an act of violence." - Ron Paul

CIA drugs guns fraud Iran Contra (#27)
Pentagon Attack Papers
US Govt. is largest illegal drug dealer in world history

Twenty minutes after Reagan concluded his inaugural address Iran 
announced the release of hostages. Representatives of Reagan's 
campaign had conspired with Iran to delay the release until after 
the election in order to thwart President Carter. The Reagan Drug 
Gangrewarded Iran for its participation in the plot by supplying 
Iran with weapons via Israel & by unblocking Iranian government 
monetary assets in US banks. Although both houses of the US 
Congress were bought off... several individuals... most notably... 
former Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr; former Naval 
intelligence officer & National Security Council member Gary Sick; 
& former Reagan/Bush campaign & White House staffer Barbara 
Honegger have stood by their, above, testimony.

CIA Rendition/Torture Jet crashed with 4 Tons of COCAINE



"JUST SAID NO" to Ronny, Bubba, Bushes & Obomber.

John Frankenheimer, Director  of  The Manchurian Candidate (1962 film) was RFK's House guest just before assassination. 

Sirhan's revolver held only 8 rounds. He never had time to reload.
A reporter's recording has what audio expert Philip Van Praag has 
determined are 13 shots in 5 seconds. 2 are what forensic experts call "double shots," meaning they happened so close together that there's no way they came from the same gun. The L.A. County coroner, Tom Noguchi, said the fatal shot had come from less than an inch away from Kennedy's head, behind the right ear which rules out Sirhan. His defense attorneys decided not to challenge any allegations since their defense was "diminished capacity". Later a judge approved a citizen's petition to reinvestigate the firearms evidence, in '77 the Los Angeles D.A.wrote, "the apparent lack of  written or photographic reports raised serious doubts as to Sirhan's guilt."
Experts: Sirhan did not kill RFK. NBC, 3/26/08
New forensics evidence at a symposium at Foxwoods suggests Sirhan did not fire the shots that killed Sen. RFK in '68. Experts from all over the world met Wednesday to discuss problems in crime solving at a symposium, hosted by HC Lee Institute of Forensic Science. Dr. Bob Joling, a forensics investigator studied the Robert Kennedy assassination for almost 40 years determined that the fatal shots came from behind the senator. Sirhan, however, was 4 to 6 feet in front of Kennedy & never got close enough to shoot Kennedy from behind. The other evidence was the Pruszynski recording.  Another scientist analyzed it and concluded that at least 13 shots were fired from 2 different guns. Phil Van Praag, a forensic engineer, made 3 discoveries. The 1st 2 demonstrate that there must be more than 1 shooter, he said. The 3rd conclusion is that the shots fired by the 2nd shooter matched the firearm a security guard behind Kennedy carried. Joling & Van Praag had never met until last year. Their separate findings were perfectly wed. Sirhan remains jailed in California. -

And Some Weird Connections 


According to a Memphis jury's verdict on December 8, 1999, in the wrongful death lawsuit of the King family versus Loyd Jowers "and other unknown co-conspirators," Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by a conspiracy that included agencies of his own government. Almost 32 years after King's murder at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis on April 4, 1968, a court extended the circle of responsibility for the assassination beyond the late scapegoat James Earl Ray to the United States government. Evidence of a broad conspiracy is the media blackout of the actual event.

An attack, ordered by Jim Jones, on a Congressional party led by Leo Ryan, in Guyana to investigate human rights abuses at Jonestown. Ryan was killed & others wounded, including a San Francisco Examiner reporter. Among the wounded was U.S. embassy official Richard Dwyer. Jones's own voice commands, "Get Dwyer out of here!"  Dwyer was an agent of the CIA identified in the 1968 edition of Who's Who in the CIA. Nor was Dwyer necessarily the only intelligence connected character in Guyana. The U.S. ambassador himself, John Burke, later went to work for the the CIA. Richard McCoy, another embassy official, has acknowledged his counter intelligence work for the U.S. Air Force. Leo Ryan's aide Joseph Holsinger feared that the CIA might have been running a covert operation there so sinister it would shock even hardened CIA watch dogs. In 1980 Holsinger, who'd already discovered Dwyer's presence at Jonestown, received a paper from a professor at U.C. Berkeley. Called "The Penal Colony," the paper detailed how the CIA's mind- control program, called MK-ULTRA, was not stopped in 1973, as CIA told Congress. It had merely been transferred out of public hospitals & prisons into the more secure confines of religious cults. There were large amounts of psychoactive drugs found on the site of the suicides. Larry Layton, the Jones lieutenant who became the only person charged in any of the killings, own father called him "a robot." Layton's brother-in-law, arranged the lease on Jonestown with the Guyanese government for Jones, was reportedly a mercenary for the CIA backed UNITA rebels in Angola. Layton's father, according to Holsinger, was the biochemist in charge of chemical warfare for the U.S. Army at its Drugway Proving Ground in Utah. Then there was the problem of the bodies. The Jonestown body count jumped by about 400 within 2 days after the suicides, leading to speculation that escapees may have been hunted down & killed. In any case, Guyanese coroner Leslie Mootoo testified that as many as 700 of the dead were murdered... not "suicides"! "I believe that it is possible that Jonestown may have been a mind-control experiment," Holsinger said in a 1980 lecture, "that Leo Ryan's congressional visit pierced that veil & would have resulted in its exposure, & that our government, or CIA, deemed it necessary to wipe out over 900 US citizens to protect the secrecy of the operation. "  One final, weird note: A memo that allegedly passed between Jones & People's Temple lawyer Mark Lane (who escaped the massacre) showed the two pondering the relocation of Grace Walden to Jonestown. Walden was a key witness to the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Lane represented King's accused assassin, James Earl Ray. When the memo turned up, Lane denied that he had discussed moving Walden claiming that the memo was part of an "army intelligence coverup" of the King assassination, ostensibly an attempt to discredit him &, through him, Walden.) Most of the People's Temple rank-and-file were black. Most of the leadership was white. Former member Joyce Shaw mused that the mass "suicide" story was a coverup for "some kind of horrible government experiments, or some sort of sick, racist thing. . . a Nazi-like plan to exterminate blacks."  ( )
Why Aren't They & Wall Street in Jail?
  • wall-street-conspiracy

    Born stands up to Godfather Greenspan, Consigliere Rubin,
    & Soldato Summers.

    WALLSTREET BAILOUT America is going down the toilet

    CIA, Wall Street, big banks & 9/11

    involving many of the same banks involved in the current bailouts

    10 Dirty Tricks Wall Street Con Artists Will Pull 
    to Keep the Rip-offs Going

    Private Prisons Spend Millions On Lobbying 
    To Put More People In Jail

    Seven Ways to Stop Wall Street's Con Game

    Corporate Roots of American Fascism

    It's a sordid tale of fascist intrigue by some of America's most famous corporate and political families which was deliberately covered up by both the only Congressional Committee to investigate the plot, & by the leading media outlets of the day including the New York Times.  And the truly scary part is that the plot might very well have succeeded if not for the bravery of a single, progressive leader: Marine General, Smedley Butler. What's to be learned from all this?  The simple truth that those of us who see a corporatist conspiracy to manipulate and even "steal" our state and national elections, to influence at the highest levels the policies of our government, and to suppress or distort the news that the media reports are not as crazy as our opponents make us out to be.  Because IT HAS ALL HAPPENED BEFORE, and we were JUST DAMN LUCKY THE BASTARDS DIDN'T SUCCEED!
    Some other links on the plot, its participants and those who told the tale:

    Top Government Insider: "Bin Laden Died In 2001", "9/11 A False Flag"

    You would think that a conspiracy as broad as 911 
    people would come forward with warnings. They did.
    And Bush signed a Presidential Directive W199-eye preventing the FBI & other law enforcement officers from doing their job. Some of the many murdered whistlebloweres are listed below. No one cares. 
    Bill Cooper predicted 911 & was murdered by rogue cops 
    shortly after. Murdered on 9/11/01 FBI Counter-Terrorism Chief, John O'Neil tracked Al Quieda to the White House. 



    9/11 Key Witness Murdered & Other 9/11 witnesses or people who have knowledge of the cover up have been mysteriously dying.

    But, to be safe, rogue bank government is making sure that all 
    evidence & witnesses are destroyed. Witnesses trying to escape 
    the burning towers through breached locked exits were told by the 
    President's youngest brother & uncle's Securicom guards to go 
    back inside. (See & ).
    After the "controlled" demolitions the crime site was barred to investigaters & all "evidence" was emediately taken to to be used in the construction of Cheny's Haliburton World Headquarter in Dubai (See ). The government then assured everyone that the crime site was perfectly safe knowing full well that the fire and rescue workers, amoung many, would soon begin to horribly & slowly die off (See ). The government attempted the only SPECIAL HUSH FUND CONGRESSIONAL BUY OFF in history. Those rejecting the buyoff (listed below) begin dying mysteriously as the government continued to stonewall investigations until the 911 whitewash Report that was imitially headed up by a Zionistwanted in other countries regarding crimes against humanity (See ) due to deserved genocidal controversy the 911 Commission was handed up to Bush's Zionist Spook, Zelikow, with Kean as "Front Man" (See ). 

    ( involving many of the same banks involved in the current bailouts 
    (See ) literally make a killing off the 911 tragedy. 911 was a feeding frenzy that turned Liberty & Church, New York into another Gaza. I consider 911 to be the most heinous crime in history because the victems of 911 were never allowed to implicitly consent like the people in ZioNazi death camps, slaves, indians, and military personnel electrocuted in their showers by Cheney's Haliburton KBR contractors essentially did. 


    New releases of photographs and video footage are shedding light on 9/11/01 proving that the assault on America was "an inside job". &

    Listen To What JFK Says -- He was killed 10 days after?

    Today the mind control corporate government media is 
    flooding the market with vampire books, shows, & movies 
    as a means to condition humans

    H. G. Wells, Time Machine, depicts a future filled with 
    world wars culminating in Morlocks with degraded bunker mentality who built vast dwellings under ground feeding on mindless, apathetic slaves called Eloi that lived on the surface.

    One thing we have learned from history is... 
    we've learned NOTHING from history !!!


    The Sad Truth To Why Most People May Not Wake Up


  • Jefferson had a  lot to say about banks: I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous 
    to our liberties than standing armies".

    "Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration. A. Lincoln

    JFK was killed 10 days after this announcement!

    Law enforcement officers challenging NWO takeover


  • U.S. Soldiers Rebel Against Martial Law Orders!
    Feds to limit gardening? 
  • fraud/israel/news.php?q=1309550954 
  • You Better Know What's Going On!


    The Big Guns Have Lined Up Against H.R. 1207

    Lieberman wants to declare 1st Amendment as "terrorism"

  • Zionist Lieberman wants to define 1st Amendment as "terrorism"




  • Radiation in Massachusetts rain as Fukushima crisis worsens
  • Virtually Unknown in West: Libya's Water
  • The Creeping Militarization of the Libyan Crisis 
  • shale-gas-fracking-is-a-scam
  • NYT-insiders sound an alarm amid natural gas rush
  • hydraulic-fracturing-in-texas/



    So you don't really have to worry about...

  • watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GwEib4FcD24#at=84


    Rex 84 Martial Law is real! 
    They will be using Reserve and National Guard augmented by 
    private security firms employing foreign nationals in the event 
    US personel mutiny. This is a red alert!



  • is-the-tea-partyrepublican-plan-for-america

  • wisconsin-governor-scott-walker-

  • secret-legislation-sidestepping-public.html

  • mich-city%E2%80%94walker-denies-seeking-similar-powers/

  • michigan-governor-starts-financial.html

  • michigan-governor-plays-fast-and-loose-with-

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  • benton-harbor-emergency-manager-strips-power-

  • protests-in-michigan-over-financial-martial-law.php

  • michigan-declares-financial-martial-law/35861

    HISTORY by Joe Morales 1995
    The only thing we have learned from history
    is that we have learned nothing from history.
    It is only after we have truly learned from history
    that we can strike out in a benevolent new destiny.
    What we need an open and truthful society
    and the courage to face our demons.  The only
    other possible alternative is that we actually
    become our demons.  There is no other way.

    Truth is the lighted path which wisdom treads.
    Faith is a fortress manned by knowledge.
    These are the words that darkness dreads.

    Actions  by Joe Morales 1995
    It is only by results of one's actions:
    By the fruits of one's productions...
    Does one have the right to expectations.

    Thank you Mary. I will include it in my mapping of Governor Jesse
    Ventura's book 'American Conspiracies'. piratization of ss