Compiled by joe morales po box 52 mahwah nj 07430

    "The conjunction of an immense military establishment and a huge arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence --economic, political, and even spiritual-- is felt in every city, every state house, and every office of the federal government . . . In the councils of government. We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex." - President Eisenhower's 1/17/61 Farewell Address.
    On 9/10/01 Rumsfeld declared,  "We cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions."  Adding that it could be a matter of life & death. On 9/11/01 Rumsfeld  & US Govt. were taken off the hook ( ). The scam worked for Nero, Hitler, & FDR & it's still working so well they will do it again. We kept Saddam Hussein around because he was handy. We gave him the WMDs. Please refer to (Page S8987-S8998 of September 20, 2002 [Senate] Congressional Record). What happened to the WMDs? Mercenary firms, like Blackwater & KBR, may have secretly recovered the remnant WMDs that Hussein used on Iranians & Iraqis & put them back on the market (see ).
    The Iraq war & convoluted primaries & rigged voting machines are deceptive ploys to distract Americans from what is really going on. Mercenary seizure of Iraq oil is an added bonus in financing covert ops. We "retired" the identities of Saddam & Enron's Ken Lay (which is still operating off shore) & allowed ourselves to be distracted as an occupying colonial force in the Middle East. While the Saddam "stand-in" lost his head along fresh suture lines bin Laden's Bechtel  has been given US contracts to rebuild Iraq ( see ). The Virginia Tech killer's father worked in Saudi Arabia & his sister works for a contractor in US State Department's Iraq Reconstruction Management Office ( ).
    Define victory. American troops remain exiled, poisoned, & abandoned in remote desserts, ( ) courtesy of taxpayer $12 billion/mo. while elite, well equipped, Blackwater & KBR mercenary forces patrol our streets and browse our communications. Unless you look upon the disfigured faces of the thousands of Iraqis & Iranians that survived the holocaust of chemical weapons provided to Saddam by the US you can never truly know the nature of real terror. It is this terror that will ultimately drive the Iranians & others to attempt to seek desperate nuclear last line defense against the US & its terror partners who have stated their own nuclear options. Unless you look upon the disfigured faces of the thousands of Japanese that survived the holocaust of nuclear weapons dropped by the US you can never truly know the face of real terror. - jmorales
    On 4/19/95, just after parents dropped their children off at day care at the Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, the unthinkable happened. Who was it that sponsored Gulf War I veterans McVeigh & Nichols frequent trips to meet with Trade Center bombers in the Philippines and OK City ( See )? Who picked up the motel tab where McVeigh, Nichols and Al-Hussaini were seen together & was later visited (pre-9/11) by Mohamed Atta, Zacharias Moussaouy and Marwan Al-Shehi ( The registered flight school students )? See ) . Perhaps McVeigh's death certificate reveals the answer ( See ) . His Occupation: "Soldier". His Employer: "US Army" ( Yet he supposedly left the US Army back in 1993 ) .
    The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) reports that in 2001, the US government exported $12.2 billion in weapons & awarded $13.1 billion in new foreign contracts through its Foreign Military Sales program. That excludes the $36 billion in direct commercial sales by US weapons manufacturers to foreign nations. The Center for Defense Information reports that some countries receiving US weapons & training continue to recruit children.
    Thus, the United States is supplying arms & military aid to countries where children are used as soldiers (or bombs) under the cloak of National Security. Most of you will never see any of this blood money or be able drive on the the proposed Texas Military Imperial  Transport Highway. You will experience, first hand, the consequence of financing the exportation of mayhem & murder to the rest of the world in US schools.