"When  your  country  is  laid  waste  we  will  return  to  our  countries.
Where  will  you  Americans  go?"

by Jos. Morales @ www.joseph.knows.it or www.cdmag.us

At a union meeting I queried my fellow members regarding the use of undocumented aliens (ua's) through contractors & subcontractors in the replacement of regular civil service employees. The response of one of the Union Officers present was... "They have a right to work too." which was unchallenged by members present. "Let's explore that." I said , "Do they have a Right to Work within the same safety parameters of regular civil service employees? State & Federal workers are being replaced by outside contractors who bring in ua's that have not even gone through minimal security, educational, & criminal background checks often because they come from countries that do not even keep, or centralize, such data. What is even more significant is that State facilities think they can save money & skirt OSHA & other regulations by bringing in contractors who bring in ua workers who must work without proper protection while handling banned & hazardous materials & heavy equipment that somehow avoid Federal & State scrutiny. Ua's not only do not speak english but most of them cannot read in any language & are therefore ignorant of the safety instructions & precautions that should be in place to protect them & those they work with. Having seen some of the debilitating conditions & materials that these UAs have had to work in I am very much concerned that they may find themselves disabled back in their countries or on US relief. Even if the ua's were to complain about work conditions they would likely be deported without their pay & quickly replaced by more ua's. If the above is happening at State level I can assume it is happening on the Federal level & other large administrations like airports which may contribute to more "ground zero" scenarios. I donít think it unreasonable for me to ask unions & governments to make some of position statement & verification that state institutions & contractors are in compliance with regulations intended to protect all workers. Union leadership lamely requests members to document incidents where union members are ordered to cover for "out source" contractors that fail to perform or complete their contractual obligations (thereby pushing our dwindling union staff to hazardous extremes with defective, inferior, or non existent equipment & supplies often because they were given to the contractors). The problem here is that we often do not have a clear idea what contractor areas & obligations are. Management may be willing to make such information available but for some reason union leadership generally seem to be uninterested in bridging this information gap. It is ironic that the success of "out sourcing" is dependent upon unions allowing members to pick up contractor slack.

I overheard a businessman in a diner lauding to his associates the benefits of using ua's in the work place & bragging about how he had cleverly skirted certain liabilities & his own humanity where ua worker fell down a steep, dark, set of stairs while carrying heavy stock. The ua lay motionless at the bottom & the businessman rolled the ua in a blanket & with the help of an associate they carried him up the stairs & out the building to his for transport to a homeless shelter. The shelter was closed so they just left him at the front door. From my booth I turned to the businessman & said, "That's why I'm opposed to the use of ua's in the work place".

The Japanese are giving foreign workers $3k & telling them to "GO HOME". We do not need to import workers at this time. There are government agencies that generally refuse to hire americans in spite of the fact that may of the job require english fluency. I have worked with both "nationalized" & "undocumented" workers & find that they piss & moan, goof off, & possess all the human fraileties as any other mortal. Call it what you want but the act of entering this country illegally begets a cascade of opportunistic criminal behavior & is therefore criminal & conspiratorial by all definition. Any act of encouraging facilitating enabeling illegal or criminal behavior on the part of treasonous & rogue government or agency such as issuing driver's licenses to ua's does not legalize the behavior but is & delegitimatizes the law of the land. What money is saved if displaced Americans (& ultimately ua's) are forced to go on public assistance because of the taxpayer subsidized exodus of corporations & industries to Asia & more opportunities for management corruption are being realized? Importing foreign workers while exporting industry will quickly result in the importing of the very economic and political instability that these people are fleeing from. Soon the government & unions will be reaching even deeper into American pockets because of the increasingly displaced tax base. Illegals can't pay taxes if they wanted to & American income that was once plowed back into the economy is now being exported to to families in countries of origin. Illegals cannot replace the dwindling ranks of volunteer firemen & EMTs because they would compromise their "invisibility" & because they simply would not be able to understand command language. 3 million people sneak across the Mexican border alone. Around 60,000 of these, which are apprehended, are not of Mexican origin & many originate from Moslem regions. In closing I must add that many foreigners are much more aware of what is going on in America than the average brainwashed American & yet share a concern & vested interest in the well being of the US. But in their own words... "When your country is laid waste... In desolation... We will return to our countries & our communities... Where will you Americans go?"