CASUALTIES  by joe morales po bx 52 mahwah nj 07430
Having served as Corpsman during Viet War & later finding myself assisting disabled vets I'm compelled to share my concern for the real long term costs of our presence in Iraq & US long term commitment toward disabled vets in view of The Bush-Clinton Cartel corporate raiding & plundering of pensions & Social Security as well as insurmountable National Deficit against future generations in order to pay for the cartel's wars, nuclear "solutions", and other shenanigans. 

The graves of hundreds of thousands of mutilated children & adults stand witness that Hussein had WMDs (See ). We have the receipts (See ). Where did they go? Autonomous privateering contractors vanguarding occupying imperial forces operating in Iraq like bin Laden's Bechtel & Virginia Tech killer sister's company who have been given US contracts to rebuild Iraq ( see & ) may not have been able to resist rolling valuable WMD war spoils back onto the market for cash. Blackwater operatives stole two Iraqi Air Force planes & smuggled arms to known terrorists. See & . 

Administration officials admit President Bush's budget will more than double veteran prescription co-payments & require a $250 annual fee for using government health care. Richard B Fuller, Legislative & National Service Director of Paralyzed Veterans of America says, "The proposed budget will not address the increasing numbers of participants or the burgeoning related health care costs. The enrollment fee is a health care tax designed to raise revenue and discourage veterans from enrolling adding that the budget would force veteran hospitals & clinics to limit services. We are already seeing an increase in waiting lists." In Michigan alone thousands of veterans are on waiting lists for medical services, and some reservists returning from Iraq have been unable to obtain the medical care they were promised. A veteran's clinic in Pontiac put a limit on new enrollment. Cutbacks at a veteran's hospital in Altoona are forcing veterans to seek treatment elsewhere. The budget would also close or scale back veterans hospitals (2/7/05 NY Times). 

The US Dept of Vet Affairs Benefit Admin Office 5/02 report recognizes that a total of 262,586 individuals are "disabled veterans" due to duty in Gulf War I and that 10,617 veterans have died of combat related injuries or illnesses since the initiation of Gulf War I. The VA still has claims from 23,612 individuals pending while they have denied benefits to 24,011 veterans. Since the cessation of Gulf War I an additional 8013 veterans have died from service connected injuries and exposures incurred during Operations Desert Shield & Desert Storm. Gulf War II promises to dwarf its predecessor in deaths, debts, & medical dependencies. 

On 4/19/95, just after parents dropped their children off at day care at the Ok City Murrah Fed Bldg, the unthinkable happened. Who was it that sponsored Gulf War I vets McVeigh & Nichols frequent trips to meet with Trade Center bombers in the Philippines & OK City ( See )? Who picked up the motel tab where McVeigh, Nichols & Al-Hussaini were seen together & was later visited (pre-9/11) by Mohamed Atta, Zacharias Moussaouy and Marwan Al-Shehi ( The registered flight school students )? See . Perhaps McVeigh's death certificate reveals the answer ( See ) . His Occupation: Soldier. His Employer: US Army. Yet he supposedly left the US Army back in 1993.