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Peace Dollar
ECOSIDE! by " joemorales13820 at gmail dot com " (SEE: ).
US gov dumps guns & drugs, "fast & furiously" to terrorists & inner cities. US Drones Kill US Troops... MASS GENOCIDE Comes Home to Roost (SEE: ). Holder, & Obama?, expanded Bush policy of supplying planes & weapons to drug Cartels. Audit: , &  ... To attack whom? It's cocain/opium wars against the US under false pretext like Vietnam, Afghanistan... Now US?

US is injecting ISIS agent provocateurs into well over 130 countries (including US) spending trillion$ in secret wars. Layered in is a war against defenseless US citizens in Medicare, Medicaid, & Social Security diverted to blatant mass murder, war crimes, & government deceptions (See:, , & ). Yet corporations & banks benefit by government welfare subsidy & bailout. The US Defense Budget is half the entire world. The other half includes NATO (Nazi Axis Toward Oblivion) , Russia, China and so on. This does not include the massive hidden expenditures like the remotely controlled Predator Drones operated by paramilitary contractors that ARE filling Americhicken skies  (See: ). Yet The House repeatedly cannot agree on a budget, but interestingly, they unanimously agree on passing laws like HR 1540 that gives  license to kill US citizens or detain them indefinitely. If you knew the costs of AMERICA'S SECRET WARS ( See:,, & ) the costs wouldn't be hidden would they? What about the hidden costs & suffering caused by drugs flooding our cities under the pretext of these wars? California spends more on prisons than it does on colleges and universities. - (NY TIMES 6/2/96, p. 16E). Defense contractors are now getting into the lucrative incarceration business in the expanded war on Americhickens (NY TIMES 8/23/96, p. B1). Almost 3/4 of new admissions to prisons are now black or hispanic. If present trends continue an absolute majority of African American males between the ages of 18 & 40 will be in prison or in detention camps if not slaughtered in the streets (NY TIMES 8/10/95, p.A14). The US incarcerates more of it's citizens than all other countries combined. Secret wars indeed. What about the incalculable costs of our armies of disabled veterans condemned to prisons of broken bodies? What about the environmental impact of wars (See: & )? Contrary to US UberNAZI propaganda... Most of our income tax is spent for war. Now consider how much time Americans spend in front of digital media watching vampire, murder shows and violent video games. 8 hours work. 8 hours sleep. 8 hours in front of digital media. That leaves maybe the weekends for tasks and fellowship. Who says Americhickens ain't got religion?

"My Silence Cannot Be Bought." - Beverly Eckert, Widow/Co-Founder of Voices of 9/11 remote murdered 2/6/09 1 week after visit w/ Obama about his protecting 9/11 terrorist Bush cabal.

$750,000 Given in Child's Death in Fluoride Case. A 3 year old child killed by fluoride treatment in the Dentist's office. A Dr prescribed fluoride tablets killed child. Dr. Connet, retired chemistry professor & founder of Fluoride Action Network, can tell you how to make one of the most toxic pesticides known. All you have to do is boil down regular tap water until it is sufficiently concentrated. If you get even a small amount of it on your body you will be dead in half a day. FATE WORSE THAN DEATH: Flouride, in water, accumulates in your body crippling you slowly long before it finally kills you (SEE: , , , , ). If you really cared about your children's future you would be building fluoride reactor power plants. Lindane pesticide banned by the EPA still allowed by FDA in children's products .

“There’s class warfare, all right,” Multi billionair Warren Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, & we’re winning.”  I just finished reading 'HOODWINKED' a book written by John Perkins . He calls himself an ex "ECONOMIC HIT MAN" that worked for companies that are contracted to destroy this planet. He exposes the hidden investments that tax exempt American corporations use to destroy democratically elected leaders, entire countries, and lay waste entire ecosystems while indenturing entire populations to a short, miserable life of slavery by lobbying and leveraging your political representatives. Perkins says the world is waking up and many countries are rolling back US hegemony. Private Military Contractors (PMCs) coming to your neighborhood . That means that there is only one place the MULTINATIONAL corporate BANKSTER predators can go to continue their plundering & terrorism... HERE! SHAME ON YOU.... WARS ON YOU! You did it to yourselves. That's why this madness can't end. The madness is inside you. Bush/Romney/Obama Cares are blatant insurance/pharmaceutical bailouts to the same companies that served the 3d Reich. The centralization and subsequent sales to the highest bidders for your medical data is another hidden cost that you will pay for wars against you and the rest of humanity under the pretext of the WAR ON TERROR... Every time you fly you get irradiated by tax funded equipment and guards under the pretext of the WAR ON TERROR... Everything you text, or say, on the telephone or computer is being monitored filtered for anything that can be used against you or sold to any buyer. Customs says, "Americhickens fly just so they can be cavity searched in public". YOU REALLY ARE A WASTE OF SPACE.

According to Times, CBS, & CNN over 80% believe there is a U.S. government 9/11 WTC attack cover-up.
A week before 9/11/01 WTC attack, a Pulitzer prize winning, Judith Miller, & 2 'Times' colleagues broke a front page story revealing the U.S. had been weaponizing anthrax. The anthrax was released a week after 9/11.
On 9/10/01 Rumsfeld announced, on national television, $2.3 TRILLION was missing from Pentagon & that, "It was a matter of life & death. The Pentagon auditors were conveniently murdered the next day along w/ 3000 others. Audit: & .
MORE VIABLE BY INNOCULATION! The 2009 bio weapon H1N1 attack "flamed out" because it reverted to less virile sub components in the natural environment although reaping billions for vaccine industry. Audit: &  & .
Our economy is still under attack by the same bankster criminals.  Read about the '9-11 ECONO-TERRORISTS' at , & . FORECLOSE WALL STREET
According to , thousands of architects, engineers, academics, high-ranking military officers, hundreds of 9/11 firemen, survivors, family members , & counter-terrorism/intelligence vets challenge the government's "Official" 9/11 cover up. The majority of "Official" 9/11 Con-missioners now admit the Gov. lied about 9/11, including Chair, Tom Kean , VC, Lee Hamilton, & Sr. Legal Counsel, John Farmer, stating, "There was an agreement not to tell the truth." Sen. Graham, Chair of Intel Oversight exposes 9/11 cover-up. Audit: & . Former 4 star U.S General admits to America Foreign Policy Coup. Audit: . 9/11/01 was a "false flag" attack & subsequent cover-up by elements of the US Government. Audit:  & . &
I pass my 'Peace Dollars' out all over the country in an effort to raise awareness. My 'Peace Dollar' is a "cheat sheet" mini newspaper of what is going on. The people in the gulf states are very receptive to my Peace Dollars & hungry for alternative media. They feel that the gulf oil spill disaster is another gulf war perpetrated by Cheney's Halliburton. Perhaps people, in areas of Haliburton/Enron "Fracking", may grow interest in alternative media as they become aware of how badly compromised corporate media has become.  I cannot understand how Americans can allow Halliburton 9/11 executioners of our GI's on their property. Read: & . While passing out my  "Peace Dollars" I sometimes come across unattended animals in, hot, unvented cars. I report this & log the license numbers on my 'Peace Dollar' page. On 8/22/11 I found windows open with 2 unattended infants in child restraints in a white Chevy Suburban EJR-9276 left running for quite a while in a parking lot near LIQUOR DEPOT Oneonta, NY . I found the owner, advised him as to how easy it would be to hijack the vehicle with the infants restrained in their seat belts. I promised him that I would make him a star. This white Chevy Suburban is emblematic of Americhicken values. With chemtrails superheating the atmosphere this problem can only grow exponentially. When you are in parking lots... LOOK UP AND THEN LOOK AROUND YOU!
My "Peace Dollars" were conceived 7 years ago in front of the Florida Capitol Building where I "vigiled" with only one other war protester who has vigiled for over ten years. Florida has FIRED masses of tenured hard science professors to pay for war. It's happening everywhere. Education, therefore, the future of our kids is being hijacked by war criminals with Americhicken implied consent. There is no question about the priorities of this feral rogue us government WHO BELIEVE, "True education is fundamental to freedom... It must be crushed". "What are YOUR Peace Dollars worth? Can I buy anything with it?" I tell them to hang on to TO THEM because it will soon be of more value than their Feral Reserve funny money. My Peace Dollars are based on the rarest commodity on earth... PEACE... & is, therefore invaluable. Many stores will accept them & take a dollar off your bill. In fact I'd like to draw attention to the "Ithaca Dollar".
US war contractors trafficking women & kids. Audit: , , , & & . Swine flu vaccine is controlled by same war contractors.
UNITED STATES OF APATHY... Indeed! But now we have sense of why. But Nature is unforgiving. All other species generally demonstrate an "appropriate" response in defending their young (with maybe the exception of caged rats). In terms of prey-predator relationships. The predator generally culls the weaker & sicker of the herd. But how do predators react to a herd that demonstrates inappropriate response? A kill frenzy is initiated to eliminate the entire dysfunctional herd.  It is time for Americhickens to demonstrate "appropriate behavior". Turn & face your predators! STOP BEING CHUM. Put on the complete suit of armor (Ephesians 6:11)! The struggle defines us. The struggle refines us. -
In the past I have exposed local media blackout of serious issues by organizing an alternative media in response to corporate blackouts. We exposed Delaware County corruption so that all the local media had to deal with it. The perpetrator got booted. We exposed the US government expulsion of a South African dissident, who would have been sent to death, or imprisonment, in apartheid. His wife taught at SUCO. All the regional media had to deal with it. We saved his life! We exposed the epidemic of coed rapes that the media would not cover and fielded solutions. The SUCO buses are the result of that effort. Determined & superior alternative journalism will ultimately set a high standard that will leave corporate/government media conspicuously floundering. Don't think I haven't been viciously attacked by the government & media for doing it. I'm still here because I'm a fighter, a Peace Warrior. I am also here because I was cured by my chemo therapy & I want to try to leave the young with the wherewithal to deal with pending challenges. I've interviewed those who surrender to cancer & those who fight it.
Many cancer survivors form support groups. They demonstrate no tangible change in lifestyle with the exception of one thing...  I've come to a conclusion that wanting to help others get through their sickness keeps them alive  & in a sort of "fight mode" attitude that may keep cancer at bay. I guess it applies to everything... Pretend you are dead and you'll get eaten alive! Writing Therapy" has also been clinically proven to mitigate cancer & other illnesses. But this is really about the consuming cancer of "denial" that is turning Americhickens into soulless zombie slaves. No matter how many innocent lives that are taken in these senseless wars it will not rid Americhickens of their demons of apathy, fear, & irrational hate.  See how far we have come!  We used to hate, & fear, those of different color.  Now we have government-media sponsored hate, & fear, for anyone who is different, or does not go along.  People say, "Aren't we free? Don't we have free speech?" I say it is rarely possible to recover freedom once it is lost...  Once freedom of speach is allowed only for those who have nothing to say. Attend cancer support groups & partake of the quiet strength & resolve of these heroes. Learn to relish the taste of victory instead of your own blood. People, elsewhere, are heroically fighting off the cancer which has already consumed us (We are not just consumers... We are consumer commodities. WE ARE BEING CONSUMED!

Compiler, Jos. Morales, graduated from both SUNY Delhi & Oneonta in environmental related disciplines & has toured nationally on acid rain issues (Read: ). Morales started alternative newspapers, arts school for children, Personnel Effectiveness Training, and Artists' Coalition for the Environment and now travels all over the country distributing his 'PEACE DOLLARS' for a new agricultural economy based on peace and energy independence.