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Thanks, ' ', for tipping the OCCUPY WALL STREET kettle ( ).

Nestled in a narrow Catskill Mtn. valley, over 100 attended 'Occupy Together Otsego' Saturday, October 15, 2011(A local response to 'Occupy Wall Street') in Oneonta, NY on A rainy main st. Muller Park. Kind regards to The Oneonta Daily Star for announcing the rally. We gathered after at a local coffee shop. The population of the entire county is @ 62,000 (if you count the two colleges, cabbages, and cows) so this is a good show. More are planned in surrounding valleys. I have to assume it is happening everywhere.

Largest % was the Anti Frackers. Tea Parties, Transients, & some students.. There was equal #s anti war & CIA assets/operatives (Feds always show up and insert themselves at the top of any new formation.), & some union. We even had a few from outer space advocating “voting for change”, or for “issues instead of candidates” (Anyone that thinks they can change things by voting is too incompetent to vote). The best we can do is establish a CoD "Continuation of Democracy" government with our own “drafted” President like Mckinney, Born, Ventura, or Jones.


There was a lot of speakers. Some addressed the media's insistence that this new phenomena needs "FOCUS". Foc them! The only reason the Establishment wants us to "focus" is so that they can “foc” us.

OCCUPY WALL STREET should become a forest and not a tree. It is easier to kill a tree than a forest system... DIVERSIFY! A free flow of ideas, visions, missions, peeves, and creativity! Anti Social media, like Yahoo, blocking "Occupy Wall Street" is irrelevant. We are our own media but we should remain open to "Big House" inquiries. Archive everything & then hard copy. If the Establishment can't control this phenomenon they will employ a scorched earth strategy and shut down the internet, electricity, & poison the water and stop food delivery. We must have our own media. Become our own publishers! How much would it cost to run a 1x1 permanent institutional ad in local paper letting folks know what's up?

We “cannot win”. I know what we are dealing with. We are dealing with a forest of a military/industrial/congressional complex. But we don't have to lose! We can rise to the challange. We can raise awareness. We can face the predators. Shine light in their darkness. We can understand their strategies and meet them in every battlefield. Change their time space and force them to make mistakes and weaken their ramparts of resolve. We can evolve. The struggle defines us. The struggle refines us. We can let them know that we are alive and worth living.

I said 9/11 was a inside "frack" job (Insert explosives. Detonate. Extract power. The power of fear & hate). The same corporations that caused 9/11 are the ones fracking & poisoning our water. The US is an "occupied country"!

I told them to explore the idea of 3rd Wave Unionism ( ). Hold survivalist work shops!

I told them to check out the Ithaca Hour Dollar ( ). We need a new economy based on hemp, silver, and barter ( )! We need an underground economy which is just what the government has been doing with drugs.