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My son and I were driving toward Oneonta over 20 years ago when he shared a dream with me (which he never does) that disquieted him. He said he drempt that the earth was breaking apart. I was concerned that in 'dream analysis' this might be construed as "disintegration of his psyche, or world". He's fine. He's a survivor. But, sometimes, he has had a psychic window on things. He was dreaming about the future. My generation had to deal with Cuban Missle Crisis and nuclear war but the archetypal imagery of subsequent generations is profound and soul shattering. God help them. You won't.

All treaties and conventions banning military assault on civilians was largely disregarded by the US by the time of the My Lai massacre on the morning of March 16 1968 in Viet Nam. It was covered up by then Major Colin Powell. In 1963, Capt. Colin Powell was an "Adviser", serving a first tour with a South Vietnamese army unit. Powell's detachment sought to discourage support for the Viet Cong by torching villages and destroying wells and crops throughout the A Shau Valley ( Read: ) as a "scorched earth" strategy. While other U.S. advisers protested this strategy as brutal and counter-productive, Powell defended the "drain-the-sea", destroy water supplies, and crops (except drugs). He and Gates were also involved in the Iran/Contra scandal . The Bush Admininistration normalized this "drain-the-sea" policy by installing Powell as Secretary of "Stain". The "Obamanation" is continuing policy by retaining Gates as Secretary of "Offense". Warren Buffet said: "There's class warfare all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's waging war, ..." It's time to flush the "Re-poopee-cons" & "Demon-craps".

WEKNWOsmall.gif Revelation9:11... According to Times, CBS, & CNN over 80% believe there is an ongoing U.S. government cover-up surrounding 9/11 WTC attack. Many are beginning to realize that the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) has initiated an unprecidented, non stop, attack against US beginning 9/11/01 using war distractions and expanding it's attack on all aspects of humanity & on all levels, and it has made MICs increasingly wealthy & powerful. WE MUST SAY, "NO"!

At this point there is no direct evidence connecting hydraulic fracturing pioneer, Haliburton, (Read: ), to 9/11/01 WTC attack but there is clear, and indictable, evidence that their CEO & US VP , Cheney (through DOD), played a clear and direct role. There is clear and indictable evidence connecting Cheney, and Haliburton, to the Gulf oil spill and the wanton disregard for wild life and human life. All this time Haliburton/KBR is given lucrative contracts to electrocute our GIs, in their showers, and serve other GIs contaminated water (Read: ) and have been given blanket immunity which may apply to what they do to you and your wells on your own property (Read: , , & ). In 2005 Congress exempted these fracking corporations from the Clean Water Act.

ENRON, a Government shell corporation, is directly linked to the 911 attack and you are letting them on your land to frack your water (Read: , & ). ENRON has over 3000 'Mini Me's ( ) that the Gov. props up and folds when they get too "liable". Enron's "product" was nonexistent. But they contrived an energy shortage (This time it's going to be water). Enron played a pivotal role in writing the Bush administration’s new energy policy – a policy that deregulated energy industries while removing government oversight. They were the corporate player responsible for California’s “energy crisis" (Read: , and ). EOG is “Enron Oil and Gas,” a "former" Enron subsidiary. There's no such thing as "FORMER" in the "scorched earth" genocide business (Read: ). By now you probably think I'm crazy and paranoid as 'Murder InCorporated' bottle feeds you water from your neighbors' poisoned wells. They are counting it. Read:

WTC_Falling_Man.gif Former... Pa. Governor, Head of "Homely Land Obscurity" , Tom Ridge and a team of other ex "Homely" Land officials at his two consulting firms will be paid @ a million dollars to push fracking (Read: ). Do not let them on your land or in your houses! They are like vampires. Genesis 3:15 speaks of future conflict between a Woman, her Seed, and the Serpent (and his seed) that deceiveth mankind. They are "Nephilim" (Heb: "Those who cause others to fall down" !!)
Look up. Look down. No place to hide your head.
All that's left is to pretend your dead?
The problem is... Your head is dead. - jm
We can survive without fossil fuels. But we cannot survive without water. This is a story about how the same corporations that attacked the California economy, World Trade Center, Us Economy, & the Gulf of Mexico, trained and developed in warfare, elsewhere, are now entrenching themselves in sleepy towns all over America and destroying water supplies. Poisoning wells has always been a first line of attack by determined aggressors. They are so arrogant that they even keep their names (some, reptilian). You will recognize them. They call themselves, "subsidiary", "former". But there is no such thing as "former" when it comes to the MIC ecocide. Read: .

This should really sour the 'Big Apple' : As an environmental researcher, I know that water can move laterally, through shale, for miles. Under poisonous pressure it can move much farther and in more directions. Yet 'Murder InCorporated' is allowed to drill as close as 300 feet from the reservoirs deploying "dirty bombs" of chemicals banned by international convention. Read: & . wake the frack up!!!!

I have traveled all over the country and I have never seen as many chemtrails as I have in the Catskill reservoirs area. Wake up NY! What are they dumping on your land, water &, weather? If you weren't crap you'd know you were being flushed down the toilet. Read: .

The Trinity-Woodbine aquifer, underneath most of North Texas, is also under attack. Read: .

Virtually Unknown in West: Libya and Egypt struck a deal to "green" north Africa with water from a monster north african aquifer. That is why both governments were toppled. Read: , . One of the corporations taking control of African water even has a reptilian "handle". Read: .

So you don't really have to worry about... , , .

Nature is unforgiving. All other species generally demonstrate an "appropriate" response in defending their young (with maybe the exception of caged rats). In terms of prey-predator relationships. The predator generally culls the weaker & sicker of the herd. But how do predators react to a herd that demonstrates inappropriate response? A kill frenzy is initiated to eliminate the entire dysfunctional herd. It is time for Americans to demonstrate "appropriate behavior". Turn & face your predators! STOP BEING CHUM. PRAY OR BECOME PREY. Put on the complete suit of armor (Ephesians 6:11)! The struggle defines us. The struggle refines us.