"You might have known that insurers can deny health coverage based on preexisting medical conditions, but here's something else to worry about: They can take away the coverage you thought you had when actually need it. DHHS put a spotlight on the practice in its campaign to build support for an overhaul of health insurance. The department cited recent research by House Committee on Energy & Commerce staff, which found that 3 large insurers rescinded almost 20,000 policies over 5 years, avoiding $300 million in medical claims".  From DS Hilzenrath, Wash. Post -
The Future History of The Pharmaceutical Business
        On 2/28/33 the German parliament building, the Reichstag, was set on fire. The official version was that "terrorists" did it. Today it is a fact that the Reichstagsbrand was deliberately used as a pretense & that the ‘empowerment laws’ following this event had been prepared in advance. Following the burning of the Reichstag: civil rights were abolished, empowerment laws were enacted, including a “Homeland Security Act” (“Schutz von Heim und Reich”). The 1933 Reichstag-Assault provided the legal platform for 12 years of dictatorship & WWII. Its main benefactor was IG-Farben, the largest European petro-chemical Cartel seeking control of oil & chemical industry worldwide. In the Nuremberg War Tribunal in 1946/47 this Cartel was tried for ‘conquest’, ‘robbery’ and ‘slavery’ and - as a result - it was dismantled into Bayer, BASF & Hoechst. US-Chief Prosecutor T. Taylor stated: “If their guilt is not brought to light, they will do even more harm in the future. People will be in danger of being mislead by their own governments.” From
        "The Stage for WWIII Is Set; The same satanic cabal controlled both sides & picked Germany to take the fall. The US will find itself increasingly isolated & vilified as a result of it's expansionist wars.  The hidden agenda is to bring down the world's last superpower; to replace the UN with a new instrument of  "world government"; to kill a lot of people, & to wean Americans off democracy and their high standard of living." -Henry Makow, PhD
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  • Such a bill will be a gift to the insurance co.s because the Capitol Hill gang are some of the industry’s best friends. See
  • W. Potter, ex top PR official for CIGNA, is concerned about the kind of influence the healthcare industry wields over members of Congress & the need for healthcare reform in America. While serving CIGNA, Potter was part of a group charged with discrediting Michael Moore’s film. He is now a whistleblower against Big Health, an industry that he blames for leaving millions of Americans uninsured, under-insured, and misinformed. See
  • "There he goes again, gratuitously making a big gift to the other side. His vision of himself as a politician who transcends the old partisan divisions will lead him to give away far too much as he did on the stimulus bill, where he offered an inadequate plan in order to win bipartisan support, then got nothing in return".

  • In Gary Null's 92-minute documentary, PRESCRIPTION FOR DISASTER,  you'll hear from experts like FDA scientist Dr. Graham, who believes nothing has changed since the Vioxx debacle. If you want to watch it on your TV the DVD is available at Dr. Mercola's Web store." Dr. Schraw of Toledo adds: "Everyone should watch this video, especially people who believe the FDA is there to protect the public &  drug companies function in some benevolent altruistic mode.  The simple fact is that it is a recipe for corruption & graft. The media reports about the 'miracles' of medicine every day in their broadcasts but rarely report about their dangers & adverse reactions nor a body count of the deaths attributed to bad meds so people might finally wake up to the potential risks of one of America's leading causes of death ... medical care.  See
    I'm less concerned over concerns that Obama was born in a petry dish as I am concerned that that too many controlling the White House hold dual citizenships. It is very likeley that these Pharma-Bank bug farmers will control US not with guns but with fear, designer bugs & needles. Before you sacrifice you & your children on the altar of your own ignorance you may want to take a look at
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