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First Quiet Your Heart
( Occupy Yourself )
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This is about attaining serenity
(a state of inner polar stability).
A quiet heart allows for the clarity
to gain a proper perspective of reality.

  Reading from my ' American Book of Change: I Ching

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As long as hemp is controlled... any form of oil spill disaster is a form of state sponsored terrorism... Actually... Cheney's Halliburton is directly involved in world-wide oil spills (SEE: ). 

The "Halliburton Loophole" protects 'frackers' from liability and having to disclose the poisons they are injecting into water wells (SEE: ) . Hydraulic fracturing is not really about gas or oil. It's about the destruction of water sources. You can survive without gas & oil but you cannot survive without water. Try this: California's oil and gas industry is estimated to use more than 2 million gallons of fresh water per day; so it is hardly surprising that, as Reuters reports, Californians are outraged after discovering that these firms are excluded from Governor Jerry Brown's mandatory water restrictions (SEE: ). State officials allowed oil and gas companies to pump nearly three billion gallons of frackwater into underground aquifers that could have been used for drinking water or irrigation (SEE: ). 

There is little reason to spend trillion$ in throwing away the lives of our GIs in the murder of civilians, & permanently destabilizing governments for the sake of oil when there are environmental 'cleaning' alternatives. That's right. Hemp can remove the poisons in the air and convert them to fuel and other useful products like biofuel, water purification, and solar panels. Hemp solar panels could be a real thing according to some canadian researchers at the University of Alberta.  

Graphene-like hemp by-products can change the world, but unfortunately, U.S. resists research for the obvious reasons. You will notice a direct correlation between the price of gas & oil and the liberalisation of hemp. Pot growers, drug cartels, oil companies, and US Government are resistant to hemp for the same main reason. Cannabis plants cross-pollinate (self censor) compromisimg THC value. We will be driving hemp cars, powered by hemp batteries & supercapaciters, running on hemp oil, on hemp emt-resistant solar panel protectant "sealers" on roads and drives in the near future if you demand it (SEE: ).

"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country." - Thomas Jefferson

Hemp for Victory - 1942 USDA Promo - Full Film 
(See also: )

Fig. 1. Major uses of industrial hemp.
"Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed. Sow it everywhere." - George Washington

"Why use up the forests, which were centuries in the making; the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest/mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?" - Henry Ford

The US imprisons more of it's citizens than any other country in the world by a very large, & expensive, margin. The demographics of prison populations are obvious. These people "prisoners of war" a bogus drug war.  This is the longest, most expensive racist, dirty war against humanity. Cheney's Haliburton gets the no-bid contracts to build more prisons & politicians & judges get kickbacks from the private prisons. Law enforcement gets to keep victim's property. If  the 2-big-2-prosecute banksters didn't get government handouts & launder drug money they'd fold overnight taking the Bushes, Clintons, & Obama criminals with them.

The War on Drugs: "Intellectual Fraud"

The US government narcotics network is well documented in 'The Politics of Heroin in S. E. Asia' by Alfred McCoy, 'The Great Heroin Coup' by Henrik Kruger, & 'Double-Cross' by Sam and Chuck Giancana.

Monika Jensen-Stevenson, a '60 Minutes' producer, quit her job after CBS refused to air her story on Covert Drug Trade. Her book, 'Kiss The Boys Goodbye', details how US intelligence community used the apparatus of the POW/MIA governmental agencies as a cover for drug trafficking.": The Bushes & Clintons are the highest US officials involved in the "war on drugs".

Frances Mullen, Jr., former head of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), called Bush's efforts "an intellectual fraud" & "a liability rather than an asset" reporting that there were "no benefits from the National Narcotics Border Interdiction System, directed by George Bush. In fact, the overall effect was to encourage supply...." Soon after these statements, Mullen resigned & the General Accounting Office (GAO) report was "buried".

President Reagan assigns Texas billionaire, Ross Perot, to the President's Advisory Council on Foreign Intelligence as Special Investigator regarding POWs & MIAs but it wasn't long before he was stepping on Bush's toes, "I go in looking for prisoners, but I get blocked, at every turn, by US government drug, & gun running around the world (via body bags & airvacs)." This declaration ended Perot's security clearance. "I have been instructed to cease & desist," he informed the families of missing men early in 1987."

In spite of 1000s of admissions & testimonies by top US agency officials that the CIA (Cocain Import Ageny), & 2big2fail banks have been involved in the "running" of drugs & guns, 'Fast & Furiously', worldwide, citizens still insist on allowing this murderous policy to continue. Enough! (SEE: ).

This is a wholesale covert importation of cocaine into the U.S. during "Iran/Contra", via Bush , Clinton, & many others using off-shore rigs, pipelines & other assets of Zapata Offshore (SEE:

Check out the health benefits of juicing raw cannabis at & -jm

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